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Bochaka German Shepherd Dogs Ireland

 Pardon Our Appearance. Update in Progress

 We were the first Irish website dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog and covered many aspects of the breed including, German Shepherd Dog show results with pictures and video clips from these events. 

 The Bochaka German Shepherd Dog Ireland website has had over 492 major rebuilds over the last 27 years and its success is attributed in part, to our ability to incorporate the latest web technologies into the site, whilst attempting to provide as much information about the breed in Ireland.


Now days thankfully, there are many more pet websites some providing products and general pet information  and more specialised sites posting show results, breed and kennel news from the Irish Gsd scene leaving us more free time to concentrate on, and present to the world,our own German Shepherd Dogs. We will of course continue to publish any media of interest to the German Shepherd Dog community that comes our way.  


We have recently added a new website to our portfolio. It is designed to assist those who are new to the breed in choosing a puppy by allowing breeders to advertise free of charge but requiring them to answer questions about their litters and its parents that many newcomers to the breed are often too-inexperienced to ask. The website is owned by private individuals within the breed, and the website itself has no affilliations with any breed club or other organisation.Clicking the link below will take you to that website.

German Shepherd Breeders

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Sun, Mar 26, 2023

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